Truck Brake Lockout - TBL-X

TBL-1 and TBL-2

Truck Brake Lockout - TBL-X TBL-1 and TBL-2
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A significant and ongoing safety issue seen in the transport industry is the uncontrolled movement of unmanned and manned trucks, whether it is within the confines of a workshop, or personnel moving assets without considering other staff members/equipment that may be on, under or within the footprint of the vehicle, or drivers moving vehicles while mechanics are working on the assets.

To solve this issue the Truck Brake Lockout has been designed which allows full brake isolation, with the help of an isolation lock or hasp. With the isolation lock installed the truck physically cannot move whilst running, which makes live testing safe for all involved and within the live footprint of the vehicle.

NOTE: Only suitable for trucks with the type of air switch shown in the photos, which are KW, Mack, Western Star, Freightliner or any other make or model with a similar design park brake button.

These can be used separately depending on your task, either the truck and trailing gear can be isolated, or the option to isolate the individual brake depending on your live testing requirements.

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Part No:TBL-1 and TBL-2
What is it:Truck Brake Isolation Device
Application:Place behind brake button to prevent it from being operated.
Use For:Brake Isolation
Material:PLA+ Plastics
Padlock Holes:1 x 7.5mm
Pack Sizes:Pack of 1
Stock:Yes - Kunda Park, Queensland
Made in Australia
TBL-1 is made for use with 1 padlock (1 person)
TBL-2 allows the use of a Hasp, which then allows up to 6 people to
lock on and perform work safely.
Data Sheet: TBL-1 & TBL-2 Data Sheet
TBL-1 - Standard Fit
TBL-2 - Multifit (will allow use of a hasp)

Product made by SMC Technologies in Australia for Cirlock.

TBL-1 - Standard Fit (does not include padlock) (0)
TBL-2 - Multifit (does not include hasp or padlock) (0)
TBL-3 - KIT - Includes 1 x Standard Fit and 1 x Multifit (padlocks/hasp not included) (0)
TBL-4 - Multifit WITH hasp (padlocks not included) (0)
Truck Brake Lockout - TBL-X
Truck Brake Lockout - TBL-X
Truck Brake Lockout - TBL-X
Truck Brake Lockout - TBL-X
Truck Brake Lockout - TBL-X
Truck Brake Lockout - TBL-X