SOKIT ROKIT - Lockable Extension Lead Cover


SOKIT ROKIT - Lockable Extension Lead Cover SOK-1
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PART NUMBER - SOK-1 (Cable Hanger/hook sold separately)

Protect yourself when working with Extension Leads outdoors / underground. This Lockable device helps prevent theft of leads or unintentional disconnection (padlock sold separately).

SOKIT ROKIT has been designed by an industrial electrician specifically for on-site use and is the new standard for on-site electrical connection via extension lead. In situations like below the Sokit Rokit is a simple solution to making your workplace safer:

Helps to prevent moisture reaching the plugs (IP24 Rated) and accidental disconnection of the leads.


Just slide your plug connections inside. Twist the lid and hang it up.

View the video on How To Use HERE

Also has a built-in lockable feature (padlocks sold separately)



Lid - ABS plastic with UV stabilization.

Body - Polypropylene

Tough plastics which resist most solvents and grease.

DIMENSIONS: 260mm high x 100mm wide (at the mouth)

FEATURES: Hooks either side at the top for entry/exiting cords to loop through and off to next hanging point. Also designed to hook directly onto rio mesh commonly found in tunneling/underground works. No maintenance required (no rubber seals). Designed in Australia.

SOKIT ROKIT with 1 x Hook (4.64)
Including Lockout Padlock (SLP-450-RED) (18.94)
SOKIT ROKIT - Lockable Extension Lead Cover
SOKIT ROKIT - Lockable Extension Lead Cover