Pad Eye Lockouts

Block certified pad eyes.
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Part No: PEL-1 and PEL-2
What is it: Tamper Proof sealed Lockout Device
Application: Save on cost of re-certification by blocking the Pad Eye with a tamper proof sealed lockout device
Use for: Pad Eyes with hold sizes 30mm up to 120mm
Material: UV Stable PE and Aluminium
Padlock Holes: N/A
Colour: Black
Pack Sizes: Pack of 1 set
Stock: Yes - Buderim, Queensland Australia
Other: Set includes Blockout Disc and 2 security seals.  Additional security seals available in various pack sizes.  Please enquire for quantities larger than 50.

 PEL-2 PEL-2-Action-Shot-1        PEL-2-Action-Shot-2

PEL-2 KIT      PEL 2 Set Packed v2   PEL -1 KIT   PEL 1 Set Packed v2